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What is The Impact of Raw Materials on 3M Double-sided Tape?

Jul. 13, 2019

For the same 3M double-sided tape, if the molecular weight or molecular weight distribution is different, for the same 3M double-sided tape, if the composition is different, the processing properties of 3M double-sided tape and the mechanical properties, physicochemical properties, etc. after film formation There will be differences. This suggests that Die Cut 3M Tape Factory should pay attention to the grade and grade of the polymer when selecting 3M double-sided tape raw materials. In the production of plastic films, it is often necessary to add some additives to the polymer, and the type and properties of these additives have a significant effect on the properties of the film.

3M Double Side Tape

In the production of 3M double-sided tape, the polymer and certain additives are often mixed in a certain ratio to achieve the purpose of improving certain aspects of performance.

The influence of 3M Double Side Tape raw materials on tape:

1. Polyethylene can be added to the lubricant as a raw material for the tape to improve the smoothness of the tape.

2. When preparing a film from polyethylene, it is necessary to add a stabilizer because it is susceptible to thermal decomposition.

3. The tape must have a reasonable formula combination, the raw material of the tape in the formula should have a suitable ratio. Adjusting the composition and ratio can change the performance of 3M double-sided tape.

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