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What is A Non-substrate Double-sided Tape?

Jul. 04, 2019

Richeng is a Die Cutting 3M Tape Factory that combines production, sales, and service. Let me introduce to you what is the non-substrate double-sided tape? I hope I can help you.

Non-substrate double-sided tape (ie film): It is a roll-shaped pressure-sensitive adhesive made of special release paper. When used, the tape is attached to the surface to be bonded, and after pressing, the release paper is peeled off. It provides strong bonding type, high-temperature resistance, high solubility, and excellent weather resistance. It is excellent in adhesion to various materials and excellent in punching workability. The products are widely used in all kinds of foam fittings, metal nameplates, automobiles, electronic film tapes, membrane switches, furniture plastics, panels, glass, wood chips, sheet bonding, document bonding, elevators, electronics assembly, rough surfaces, smooth surfaces, Art material bonding and fit of sports accessories.

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