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What Does VHB Mean in 3M Tape?

Sep. 10, 2019

After 3M introduced 3M tape products, 3M adhesive products were used more conveniently and more standardized. Abbreviations are used to represent the meaning of 3M adhesive products, while VHB is the abbreviation of Very High Bond, which is very sticky.

VHB in the 3M tape is the collective name of 3M acrylic foam tape series, also known as Acrylic Foam VHB Double Side Tape. There are many kinds of thickness, the main colors are gray, white, transparent and a small amount of black.

Acrylic Foam VHB Double Side Tape

Acrylic Foam VHB Double Side Tape

By 1978, 3M has introduced a variety of transparent 3M tape, 3M mushroom buckle, 3M polishing solution, 3M sandpaper, 3M glue, and other adhesive products.

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